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The Fantasy Football Astronauts are proud to announce that as of Summer 2019, we are taking over the previously abandoned "Draft Breakdown." As fantasy analysts, Draft Breakdown was a great resource for us to evaluate incoming rookie skill players and determine whether they had value coming into the NFL. We were emotionally distraught and wrought with anguish when the site was taken down. As a result, we wanted to take over the project and give it back to the fantasy community.

Draft Breakdown is a directory for college football players' game tape. It serves as a hub for finding film of incoming NFL rookie quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends. Each drafted incoming rookie has a small profile. The profile includes a helmet of their college team, a helmet of their NFL team, a highlight video, their college stats, and their "Mission Log." The mission log is a directory of game cut-ups from the player's college career. All cut-ups are from YouTube.

To use Draft Breakdown for scouting incoming NFL rookies, first select the draft class you want to look at, then go to the position. From there, you can see all the players in that position group that were taken in the draft or are eligible for that draft class. Go to the specific player's profile whose film you'd like to watch. To watch a player's film, simply go to Mission Log and pick a game you'd like to watch.

Update log

  • 6/16/2019: Added UDFAs RBs Alex Barnes and Bruce Anderson as per request from Reddit users Dillydills and Hahn666.


Q: What is Draft Breakdown?

Draft Breakdown is a directory for college football players' game tape.

Q: Why does the player I'm looking at only have a few games?

A: The Astronauts try to upload six games. We can't always find that many. We put as many as we can find. Reasons vary, but include: the player is from a small school, the player entered the draft early, the player transferred, the player only started for one year, the player was primarily used as a blocker, the YouTube affiliates did not think he was good enough to cut-up.

Q: Why is the video in the highlights section not really a highlight video?

A: Similar to the previous question, not all players have highlights on YouTube. If not, we tried to find one good play to throw in there.

Q: Why does the Mission Log say, "Inadequate data to attach mission log?"

There are no full game tapes of that player on YouTube.

Q: You're missing [insert UDFA]! Why?!

A: As you can see from Draft Capital: Part 1, UDFAs have very low percent chance of becoming fantasy relevant. For the 2019 season, we decided not to include them. Future draft classes will have these players included because the profiles will have been made before the draft.

Q: There is a mistake here. Why is that?

A: We are fallible humans. We want our tools to be as good as possible. Please hit us with a DM on Twitter @FF_Astronauts or an email at ffastronauts@gmail.com if you have found an error so that we can correct it.

Q: I'm a YouTuber and you're using my content, why did you not contact me?

A: At the outset of this project, we contacted all the game tape YouTubers to ask for their permission to link their videos to our site. We may have missed people. If you would prefer that we do not host your videos on the Draft Breakdown directory, hit us with a DM on Twitter @FF_Astronauts or an email at ffastronauts@gmail.com.


Thank you to Charles Arey of The Helmet Project for allowing us to use his incredible helmets for the player profiles.

These YouTubers are the studs that compiled the videos found in the Draft Breakdown library. They deserve the credit for their awesome work: Deluded Yinzer, Quintin Lash, Scouting the NFL Draft, Mark Jarvis, Cut Up Corner, icemandaboss1, Nittany Nation, Christopher Ransom, Alex Williamson, Cachorro NCAAF, Ryley Harbour, Ademei Smith, CFB Film Room, Dub Highlights, Hash, and Charlie. Mark Jarvis has a similar database for the 2020 draft class.

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