Meet The Crew


JetPack Galileo

Chief Rocket Scientist

     Astrophysicist. Adrenaline Junkie. The Champion of Heliocentrism and Father of Modern Science. Most of his fantasy strategy is built around mapping out celestial bodies and calculating the movement patterns of constellations with his abacus. The stars don't lie. He never misses. To him, fantasy is as simple as rocket science.

     At 456 years old, he knows there's always more to discover, but there are three truths he can rely on without any doubt: Jesus is King, his wife is undefeated, and Saquon will retire as the greatest running back of all-time.


Fantasy Guy Fieri

Podcast Host and Injury Specialist

    gif lover. Reality show star. Guy Fieri has some of the most flavorful takes in all of the Fantasy Football sphere. Starting from the bottom of the totem pole, Fieri eventually earned enough money from selling pretzels to fund the adventure of a lifetime. This adventure has taken his flavor and fantasy football advice to the outer realms of the solar system. The most important thing he has learned on this adventure is that Jesus loves you and wants to spend eternity with you.

    His fantasy strategy helps you as you go from beginner to perennial league champion. 


Nick Penticoff

Interstellar Utility Specialist

  Nick currently resides in Minnesota, but he is a diehard Iowa fan, as he was raised in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Go Hawkeyes! He is an Atlanta Falcons fan and his birthday is March 28th. So, 3-28 has quite a different meaning for him. Being an Iowa and a Falcons fan, Nick is used to his favorite team, letting him down.

   He currently attends North Central University and is majoring in Digital Media. Nick has been married for six years and is the father of two cats. Happy wife, happy life. Nick enjoys just about everything outdoors. Including, disc golfing, riding bikes, kayaking, longboarding, hiking, and pretty much whatever you can think of that involves being outside.

    He enjoys every aspect of football. Grinding film, watching leisurely, playing fantasy football, making dumb trades in his dynasty leagues. Anything you can think of. 

J Moyer placehold.jpg

J Moyer

Film Lab Admiral

Former coach. Lifelong dynasty fiend.

Astronaut Content Engineers

Kev White
Chief Operations
Rich Causier
Astronaut Resource
Systems Engineer
Mr. Fox
Mass Spectrometer
Nick Muzzillo
Educator Mission
Shane Barrett
Manager of Rocket
Propulsion Lab
Alex Edwards
Cosmic Void
Matt Thornton
Life Support Systems
Neutrino Assembly
Nick Sarnelli
Intergalactic Expedition
Cristian Botello
Zach Zander
Lunar Mission
Joseph Herff
Jake Weaver
Tune Squad
Interdimensional Scout
Solar Exploration
Craig Nelson
Cody Snow
Space Force
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