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Meet The Crew

JetPack Galileo

Chief Rocket Scientist

 Astrophysicist. Adrenaline Junkie. The Champion of Heliocentrism and Father of Modern Science. Although he's not  as  smart  as  Rish  or  as  beautiful  as Brooks, Galileo is constantly winning championships in the leagues they play together. Most of his strategy is built around mapping out celestial bodies and calculating the movement patterns of constellations with his abacus.

    Galileo's greatest joy in life is to be known and loved by Jesus Christ, but probably 7th or 8th on that list of joys is the fact that he outbid Brooks in a wire-to-wire duel for rookie Saquon in their most recent dynasty startup draft.

   His genius is undeniable, his courage and integrity are undefeated, and his status as the Greatest Astronaut is undisputed.

Dr. Michael Risher

Podcast Host and Injury Specialist

  Michael "Rish" Risher was a Cornerback at Wheaton College. Once he graduated, he spent the summer going on a bike trip from San Francisco to Boston and worked at a sports performance gym in Chicago, Illinois, where he trained a variety of high school, college, and professional athletes. He is now a practicing chiropractor based out of Chicago. Part of his practice includes working with NFL athletes and players preparing for the NFL Draft.

    Rish's hobbies include CrossFit and sometimes CrossFit. He is a L-1 Crossfit Coach in Chicago when he is not dishing out fantasy advice or cracking backs. Everyone knows he is by far and away the best fantasy player out of the Astronauts. Rish is a huge Bears fan as well as an Anthony Miller apologist and definitely lets that bias show. The most important part of his life is his relationship with Christ.

Austin Brooks

Senior Film Analyst

        Although Outside Linebacker at Wheaton College, "Brooks" has played every defensive position from Free Safety to Nose Tackle and all offensive skill positions including Quarterback in high school. After undergrad, he worked at a Christian ministry in Norman, Oklahoma, while coaching as Defensive Coordinator at a local 6A high school. He then entered law school and is currently in his final year at Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State. When he graduates, he plans on becoming a criminal prosecutor.

    Brooks loves breaking down game film of college and pro teams. Hailing from Oklahoma, he has no true NFL team yet is a slight Chargers fan due to his love for Junior Seau, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Philip Rivers. He is proud that he fleeced  JetPack into overbidding in our auction league where he has never made playoffs in the league's existence and got CMC for $40 less than Saquon.

Astronaut Content Engineers




Chief Operating



       Kev is from a small town in the north of England, where his favourite past times include drinking tea, keeping up to date on all things NFL and planning his next trip across the pond to the States. He's watched football for 20 years – with his earliest memories being ‘The Music City Miracle’ and ‘The Greatest Show On Turf.’ Kev is a huge Eagles fan and started following them after being mesmerized by Donovan McNabb. He is intrigued to see if the UK gets a franchise in the future or even the possibility of a Super Bowl. He has the same name as the former West Virginia WR – however confirmation they are not related...




Payload Specialist


     Geoff, better know as Blueberry or Blue for short, currently lives in Chad Africa where he is working with the local Christian Church while studying the Arabic Language. As of writing this the high temperature is projected at a cool 111, and electricity generally only works every third day so fantasy football has served as a mental distraction from the craziness of life for the past decade. Originally from western North Carolina, he is a country boy at heart married to a Texas farm girl expecting their third kid this December.



Mass Spectrometer Technologist


      No stranger to fantasy football, Parker’s been playing for over 10 years, with dynasty being his preferred format. A graphic designer by trade, he wanted to find another creative outlet where he could combine his passion for both fantasy football and writing. He began writing last season and covers both dynasty and redraft formats, with dynasty being where he dedicates most of his time. 

Despite being born and raised in California, he has no hometown allegiances and is a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan. When he’s not writing or designing, he’s trying to keep up with his three-year-old daughter or watching reruns of The Office with his wife. 

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

Shane Barrett.jpg



Manager of Rocket Propulsion Labs


     Shane is from Birmingham, AL and graduated from UAB with a degree in Medical Industrial Distribution. He works at a software company as an account executive. He played all kinds of sports through life and still plays basketball. Shane's football career quickly transitioned to fantasy though as he was too slow and short. Shane has been married to Andrea for 2.5 years and have 2 beautiful daughters, Alice Collier and Charlotte. Don’t ask him how many kids they want because his answer is idk but they’re planning to adopt next.


FF Spotlight

Neutrino Assembly


     History has a story to tell and I want to read it. I look through fantasy football historical information to make predictions about the future.

Jared Hall.jpg



Parts Failure



         Jared Hall is student at Laurentian University majoring in Sports Administration. He grew up playing an assortment of sports, but now it's all a fantasy to him. Fantasy football consumes him so don't expect to see him doing anything else. Jared is a Patriots fan, but in actuality, he's just a fan of whoever is on his fantasy team that year.

twitter profile.jpg





Jeff is a DJ and model living in the Bay Area, California. He liked dogs and wireless headphones and gray sofas and runs a multi-dollar music company called myRhythm where trendy independent disc jockeys travel to cardiac rehabilitation centers and blast dope jams until the patients' heartbeats synchronize accordingly. 

Me 2.jpg



Astronaut Resource

Systems Engineer


   Rich is a long-suffering Jaguars fan from the North of England who jumped on their bandwagon during the 1999 season on the back of their franchise best 14-2 record – Safe to say that decision has backfired spectacularly. His earliest memory of the NFL and the Jags in particular is a 41-23 win over the Saints on Sunday Night Football that season which earned him a lifetime sentence of misery.


Much to the dismay of his Wife and his Dog, his obsession with the NFL and Fantasy Football grows by the year and he can no longer count on two hands the number of leagues he participates in. He is a recent convert to the Dynasty format and is obsessed with the analytical side of the sport and loves to make trades a little too much.


In the one hour a day he doesn’t spend thinking, writing or tweeting about Fantasy Football he may try and get some sleep, squeeze in some NBA, watch movies or spend time with his Wife in order to avoid divorce proceedings.




Cosmic Void


     Alex is from Omaha, Nebraska and is currently a graduate student at Northern Illinois University to get his Master’s Degree in Sports Management. At a young age he made the choice of becoming a Minnesota sports fan, despite the consistent heartbreak, he is still managing to hold on to that slight glimpse of hope. Alex has followed the NFL draft for many years but in the last few, it’s transformed into a passion of his. Through the NFL draft, Alex also developed his interest in fantasy football, where he is an owner in Dynasty and Devy leagues. Outside of sports, Alex loves working out, traveling, Chipotle, reading, and binge watching TV shows.