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Meet The Crew

JetPack Galileo
Chief Rocket Scientist

Astrophysicist. Adrenaline Junkie. The Champion of Heliocentrism and Father of Modern Science. Most of his fantasy strategy is built around mapping out celestial bodies and calculating the movement patterns of constellations with his abacus. The stars don't lie. He never misses. To him, fantasy is as simple as rocket science.

At 459 years old, he knows there's always more to discover, but there are three truths he can rely on without any doubt: Jesus is King, his wife is undefeated, and a gibbous moon always brings out the best in Will Fuller.

Ryan Keeney
Robotics Engineering Overlord

RoboKeeney is the lead Astro-Analyst for the Fantasy Football Astronauts known for his off-world projections, player breakdowns, and research tools. Keeney loves dynasty leagues, hording rookies, and twitter hot taeks almost as much as he loves coffee. Currently he's trying to learn Spanish in Paraguay with his wife and Labrador puppy (Luna) while he works on his Masters degree in data science and analytics.

Cristian Botello
Cognitive Neuroscientist

Aspiring clinical neuropsychologist who loves to draft running backs even though everyone says it's a bad idea. I like the Cowboys and finding the psychological reasoning behind why I stick with them even though they break my heart year after year. I hope to open my own clinic after schooling and continue to learn how psychology can make us better fantasy football players.

Ben Steefel
Rocket Trajectory Lead

Ben has been a dedicated redraft fantasy football manager for almost two decades, winning his first Yahoo Pro League title in 2005. His best fantasy draft picks ever were Lamar Jackson in 2019, Chris Johnson in 2009, and Steve Smith in 2005. In 2018, he attended Super Bowl LII and was disappointed with the outcome.

Ben has a master's degree in Business Administration from Penn State and works as Director of Business Development and Vice President of Consulting for a large non-profit organization with offices in ten different states. He believes in spending his time helping others find hope and healing (except in fantasy football).

Dan Harms
Lead Starship Mechanic

Dan is a lover of all sports. I'm a stay at home dad and spend my time watching film when I'm not watching my daughter.

The Mayor

gif lover. Reality show star. The Mayor has some of the most flavorful takes in all of the Fantasy Football sphere. Starting from the bottom of the totem pole, the Mayor eventually earned enough money from selling pretzels to fund the adventure of a lifetime. This adventure has taken his flavor and fantasy football advice to the outer realms of the solar system. The most important thing he has learned on this adventure is that Jesus loves you and wants to spend eternity with you.

His fantasy strategy helps you as you go from beginner to perennial league champion.

J Moyer
Film Lab Admiral

Former coach. Lifelong dynasty fiend.

Drew Feinberg
Projectile Orchestrator

Drew is from Boston, MA and graduated from Quinnipiac University with a degree in Film, Television & Media Arts. He works at a marketing agency in CT as a production specialist. He played baseball and basketball (poorly) his whole life, and has actually never played a snap of competitive football.
Being born in New England just as Tom Brady was getting drafted 199th overall by the Patriots has paid off well for Drew. He has been fortunate enough to see six Super Bowl championships in his lifetime, and witness Malcolm Butler�۪s legendary interception in person. When sports are put on hold, Drew enjoys playing video games, golfing and hiking with his girlfriend Kelsey.

Craig Nelson

Craig was born and raised in California and spends his evenings bartending in SF. A connoisseur of all things football, Craig has been a fantasy commissioner for 10 years, scouted practices at the Reese's Senior Bowl, wrote fantasy content for ArbourPro, inputs data for Pro Football Focus, currently enrolled at the Scouting Academy and is now dipping his toes into video content production and film analysis.

When he's not studying football, you can find Craig watching movies and playing video games or DND with his wonderful wife and daughter.

Chosen Blakey
Lightspeed Scientist

25 live in Atlanta
Coach high school football and track @ Pace academy
Loves video games, just had my first son

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