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2022 Early Top 5 Positional Rankings

The fantasy football season came and went. We had to endure Covid, injuries, and bad luck. Those who were fortunate enough to weather the adversity came out with championships, and for those who didn't win, it's time to figure out the next steps. In dynasty leagues, we are turning our attention to the draft process. We are still waiting on measurements, athletic testing, and landing spots, but we want to give you all a quick top 5 at each position. This year, there isn't a clear-cut number one at any position, but that makes it even more fun. Use this as a guide and check out these guys on your own to make your own top 5!


PsychoBo's Top 5 QBs

1) Kenny Pickett 6'3 225lbs

Pickett is my QB1 in this class right now; however, there’s not much separating the top 3 for me in this class. Pickett has a gunslinger mentality that will dump it to the RB if nothing is open downfield. Nice ability to throw on the run. Keeps his eyes downfield even while he’s on the move. Pitt liked to move the pocket for him and get him moving. Isn’t afraid to throw into tight windows. The upside for Pickett is great, and I'm sure a team will see that and select him pretty high in the draft.

2) Sam Howell 6'1 225lbs

He struggled this year because of OL issues and his offensive weapons leaving for the NFL last year. Howell is a decently sized mobile QB that isn’t afraid to navigate the pocket. I think he is more dangerous on short to intermediate passes towards the middle of the field. Howell has plenty of belief in his arm and isn’t afraid to make NFL throws to the sideline. He sometimes rushes his throws, which leads to some sloppy misses. He may have the highest and safest floor out of this class.

3) Matt Corral 6'2 205lbs

Corral excelled in the RPO offense that Ole Miss deployed this year in the SEC. He makes his decision quickly and has a fast flick of a release. Nice mobility as a runner. Has great trust in his arm and accuracy. He isn’t afraid to dump to his check down. Most of his damage is off the quick RPO passes but will air the ball when he gets a shot. I think Corral has the upside to make some NFL teams drool.

4) Desmond Ridder 6'4 216lbs

Ridder displays composure in the pocket. He seems poised and was in control of the Cincy offense. He has the athleticism to move the sticks with his legs. He struggles with accuracy quite a bit. Every game he has throws where he is missing his target high or low. If he can clean up some of his accuracy issues, I think he could be a serviceable QB in the NFL.

5) Carson Strong 6'4 215lbs

Very solid in the pocket. He stays on and steps up in the pocket with his eyes downfield. He isn’t mobile which knocks him down a little for me. Like his name implies he has a strong arm. He likes to throw into tight windows and make big plays with his arm. Some of the best arm talent in this class. Occasionally rushes his throws when there is pressure and misses high. Its close between him and Malik Willis for the #5 spot, but I think Strong offers NFL teams a more developed prospect and is a safer pick.


PsychoBo's Top 5 RBs

1) Breece Hall 6'1 220lbs

Makes his money with patience. Reminds me of Leveon Bell with the Steelers. Waits patiently for the play to develop while constantly checking where the play is going to be. Has a habit of waiting too long and getting swallowed up. Doesn't seem to care much about pass protection. Does not shy away from contact, but would rather make a move to make defenders miss. Great burst when he sees a hole. Nice dead leg move. Likes to use a spin move in traffic. Has great burst to erase DB pursuit angles. Close between the top 3, any of them can take the top spot.

2) Isaiah Spiller 6'1 216lbs

Spiller shows above average receiving skills. Gets what he can take when running the ball. Doesn’t search for contact. Great vision and feel for the hole. Receiving is his best asset. Wasn't used for pass pro, instead was sent out of the backfield on routes and lined up all around. Shows great hands for a running back. Very impressive footwork to make people miss. If you like RB's that can make people miss in a variety of ways, this is your guy.

3) Kenneth Walker III 5'10 210lbs

Walker is somebody that has the ability to jump up to the number two spot for me. He is not easy to bring down at all. He has a unique ability to absorb contact by manipulating his pad level and bouncing off of guys. He is physical and is willing to pass block with aggression. He has shown his homers ability this year and I am excited to see what he can do at the next level. His legs are always churning. One weakness I have seen is that he can be too patient sometimes. This patience can pay off sometimes, but when it doesn't it can end in a tackle for loss.

4) Kyren Williams 5'9 200lbs

One of my favorite backs in this class. The guy is always willing to do the dirty work. He will take on pass rushers and take on contact doing what he needs to do to get the yardage. His pass protection is a thing of beauty, take a minute to watch him in the backfield. When asked to catch, he is capable in the passing game. Between the tackles he is patient and allows the play to develop. Can sometimes rush the play and misses his holes. Makes defenders miss and can manipulate them with his subtle movements. Think, Clyde Edwards-Helaire that can pass block. Size may be his limiting factor. I think he can have a true 3 down role, but we know how the NFL views smaller backs.

5) Rachaad White 6'2 209lbs

Rachaad White is a very capable three down RB, however, I don't think he will get that in the NFL. His patience and shiftiness is very average to me. He does a lot of things well, but doesn't exceed in much. One area he does excel, is in the passing game. He makes great catches and runs routes well. To me, he is not the most physical or the fastest RB and he lacks the explosiveness to make big plays. It will be interesting to see how he tests and where he ends up for fantasy.


Dixon's Top 5 WRs

1) Treylon Burks, 6'3 225lbs, University of Arkansas

Burks is the clear-cut #1 in this draft class. His elite size mixed with amazing athletic ability will make him an alpha WR at the next level. He has the long speed to outrun anyone on the field and the strength to run through any CB that tries to bring him down. He reminds me of a smoother DK Metcalf and I think he will be one of the top WRs in the future.

2) Garrett Wilson, 6'0 192lbs, Ohio State University

Wilson is one of the most well rounded WRs in this class. The strongest part of his game is his body control and ability to stretch the field with his incredible route running. He is a super reliable WR with strong hands and he's very shifty after the catch. I believe that he will have the ability to make tough catches on 3rd downs and keep the chains moving. Kind of like Keenan Allen. He does have a smaller frame, but his elite athleticism makes that a non factor for me.

3) Drake London, 6'5 209lbs, USC

London is the hardest guy to predict for me. I'm not usually a fan of big Was that lack top end speed, but Drake seems to break that mold for me. He is a bully at WR; punishing everyone that tries to bring him down. His basketball background helps him box out defenders and high point the ball like he is coming down with a rebound. He has very good wiggle for a guy his size and has very strong hands. He will go up and get any ball thrown in his area. He is just a matchup nightmare. He is the biggest boom or bust for me this year. I do believe he has the skill set to compete in the NFL.

4) John Metchie III, 6'0 194lbs, Alabama

I think I may stand alone putting Metchie this high up on my list, but I love his game. He isnt a super flashy guy and isn't going to blow you away with super speed or wiggle, but I believe he will be super productive at the next level. I see him being the kind of WR that will be targeted often in an offense if he is used correctly. He was a safety blanket for Bryce Young this year. He was able to use his quick feet and great route running skills to create separation off of the line. He has good size for his role which will make him a problem for defenses to handle.

5) Jameson Williams, 6'2 190lbs, Alabama

Jameson makes fast people look....not so fast. This guy is a burner on the field. What separates him from other recent Alabama burners is his route running ability. HE makes cuts without losing any speed, which makes his routes very fluid and smooth. My only concern, which isn't much of a concern anymore, is his skinnier build. However, it does seem like more and more WRs are coming into the NFL built like Williams and finding success. He will definitely be the guy to stretch the field for a team and I look at him being one of the first WRs taken off of the board in 2022.


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