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Adonai Mitchell | Prospect Film Review

6'2" receivers with 4.3 speed are common. Every year there are 2-3 "bigger" guys whose 40 times induce collective salivation amongst draft watchers. These Christian Watsons and Bryce Ford-Wheatons stereotypically have two main flaws: mediocre stopping ability and poor lateral agility. Adonai Mitchell does not have these flaws. His transition mobility is incredibly smooth, and he has a deep bag of attack strategies.

Adonai's 4.34 speed is not obvious on first viewing. There weren't many pullaway YAC highlights or downfield breakaways. The playcalling was a major factor for this lack of exciting explosives. Adonai is frequently asked to win in isolation. Even when he's added to trips sets, his routes rarely interact with the rest of the concept. Most everything is vertical.

The play below showcases the true potency of this sneaky speed. Adonai works a standard fade (usually a simple clearout from the 1WR spot), but as he approaches the CB, he weaves a rocker step. This slows the defender for just a step, and Adonai taps the accelerator to blow by him. This deep downfield acceleration is the special element to Adonai's game. He saves his energy for the critical moments 20 yards downfield. No one is better at stacking defenders to win late position at the catch point.

It's not just Big 12 insurance salesmen that he's cooking. Adonai Mitchell sealed the National Championship game during his freshman year using this specific skill. He stabs the defender open, then overtakes him with a quick burst of speed.

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Mitchell frames his catch point space very naturally. He initiates contact to dictate the terms of engagement, and he absorbs the ball through conflict.

His vertical prowess amplifies his lateral agility. He works this slant by selling fade to the outside, then slashes underneath for an easy, untouched score.

Top CB prospect, Kool-Aid McKinstry, respects Mitchell's vertical threat so much, Mitchell simply walks him back before zipping inside. Had him on his heels the entire rep.

AD is excellent at moving defenders where he wants them. Double wiggle release on this slant, pushes the CB backward without touching him.

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