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AT Perry GameScope Film Review

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 195

Projected 40 time: 4.58

Strengths: Agility/Length Combo

Weakness: Acceleration

AT Perry is my top sleeper wide receiver of this class. Wake Forest runs an offense centered around the Run/Pass Option (RPO). An RPO is a play where the quarterback has been given a choice to hand the ball off or throw the ball. The passes are typically quick hitting, so that the linemen aren't more than 2 yards downfield. Because of this requirement, AT Perry developed a wide variety of release techniques to help him create separation early his routes.

Perry generates large lateral separation by pairing his length with excellent lateral agility. Here he uses the slide release to push the defender outside. Great hip mobility and optimal timing create an untouched target in the endzone.

Receivers that get on top of defenders are winners. In the play below, Perry converts a single jab release to a lightning quick win in a heavy blitz scenario. He steps around the CB and then plants in the ground to close him off. The defender has no choice but to hold and surrender the first down. A good example of "stacking" the defender: WR gets behind, then gets on top of the DB.

The biggest problem with Perry's game is his lack of next gear acceleration. He's plenty quick from stop to start, but fails to connect on winnable opportunities that require more juice.

Showcases a great YAC rep overall, but is easily caught from behind.

Less explosive athletes must create separation via pace variation. Perry does this very well. Here he eases the CB into opening the gate, then he slides back inside and places his body between the defender and where a pass would be.

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