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Best Landing Spots: Part I

In 2019, AJ Brown was considered one of, if not, the top WR prospect in his class. But, after being selected by the Titans in the second round on day 2, his ADP and dynasty outlook plummeted. Why?

The dynasty community virtually vomited at his landing spot. And his ADP took a nose-dive in correlation, dropping to a 2nd round rookie pick, and even an early 3rd! What everyone failed to realize though, was just how good Brown was. His talent was underestimated. Yet we looked too much on the surface and not enough beneath to see a true Alpha within.

It is a staunch reminder of - talent over situation. Don't get caught up in the landing spot IF you believe in the talent.

Now, with that being said, this is part one of a two part series, detailing the best potential landing spots for the 2021 rookie class. This first piece will cover the QBs and RBs, with their rumored interest, followed by the best landing spot of those interested teams. Also included will be the potential fantasy impact of that respective landing spot.

So, without further ado, let's get to the rook's!

Quarterbacks (not named Lawrence or Wilson)

Justin Fields

Rumored interest: Falcons, 49ers, Patriots, Steelers

Best Landing spot - Steelers

If this were to happen, Fields would be an easy "select" for me, in both 1QB and superflex leagues. You can even make an argument that he would leapfrog Zach Wilson as the QB2 of this class. I won't worry about that though, because I already have him there! Fields in Pittsburgh would make for an immediate QB1 option and potential difference maker. Let's see - he'd have Diontae Johnson, Chase Claypool, and JuJu Smith-Schuster as his options downfield - along with the chance that Najee Harris lands in the Steel City too on draft weekend. Tell me, what's not to like?

Trey Lance

Rumored interest: Football Team, Falcons, 49ers

Best Landing spot: 49ers

Business is starting to pick up for the Trey Lance-landing-spot-rumors on draft night. It appears his hype is starting to gain steam as a top 5 pick, and, if he ends up landing in the bay area, it could end up being the most intriguing fit of all the QBs. Lance would be an instant upgrade and may help Kyle Shanahan elevate his offense to another level.

Mac Jones

Rumored Interest: 49ers, Broncos, Patriots

Best Landing Spot: Broncos

Obviously, much has been discussed about the 49ers trade to move up to 3rd overall, in which it was widely speculated that it was for Mac Jones. However, those rumors have started to subside, since it was confirmed that the Niners were present at every QBs pro-day, not named Lawrence or Fields. But since I landed Trey Lance in San Francisco, I will go with the next most likely destination for Jones - and that's Denver. It is clear Denver is not in love with Drew Lock as their franchise QB and they hwill consider all options in the draft at 9th overall. Should Mac fall to Denver, it wouldn't be a surprise he's their pick. And with this landing spot, it makes for a very intriguing fit with the weapons he'll have on day one. If this happens, stock up for all offensive skill players in the Mile-High city.

Running Backs

Najee Harris

Rumored Interest: Steelers, Jets, Dolphins, Cardinals

Best Landing Spot: Steelers, Dolphins

I chose two here, because I think both would be intriguing fits and elevate Harris to a potential top-12 dynasty option at the position. In either scenario, he'll step right in as the team's RB1 and most likely leave all of the other options in the dust. And, as I mentioned before, if it ends up that Justin Fields goes to Pittsburgh, and Harris goes to the Steelers in the 2nd round?.... I'd want every share I can get, for both of them.

Travis Etienne

Rumored Interest: Dolphins, Bills, Falcons, Jets, Steelers, Jaguars

Best Landing Spot: Bills

I don't foresee this happening, but I think the Bills would make for an intriguing landing spot. Now, it'll be crowded with Zack Moss and Devin Singletary already there.... but neither of them are Travis Etienne. Etienne would absolutely step in as the RB1 and have a legitimate shot to open the season as the Bills RB1. With an offense already loaded with two elite players (Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs), they'd now add a third and take that next step towards dethroning the Chiefs as the class of the AFC.

Javonte Williams

Rumored Interest: Falcons, Bills, Steelers

Best Landing Spot: Falcons

Since the Bills and Steelers have already taken their RBs in this piece, that leaves the Falcons as the next team to fill their RB vacancy in this draft. With Arthur Smith now leading the charge in Atlanta, is it possible he wants to find a back he can pound the rock with, a la King Henry in Tennessee? Obviously, Williams is no Derrick Henry, but he is a physical runner who will be more than capable to carry the load. With an ambiguous backfield, Williams can establish himself as a day one bell-cow immediately.

Michael Carter

Rumored Interest: Bucs, Bears, Broncos, Giants,

Best Landing Spot: Broncos

With the loss of Philip Lindsay to Houston, there will be a void to fill in Mile High and Carter seems like the perfect replacement. There are rumblings now that Carter has elevated himself into a projected day 2 pick - which means he'd have a legitimate chance to carve out a role immediately. The only thing that'd hold Carter back from having RB1 upside is Melvin Gordon. However, Gordon is in a contract year and savvy NFL teams will let a guy like Gordon walk and roll with a young stud like Carter. You'd have to hope that the new regime in Denver gets it.

Trey Sermon

Rumored Interest: Steelers, Falcons, Bengals, Jets

Best Landing Spot: Steelers, Jets

The Steelers have told Sermon that they're interest and like his game. The Jets have also met with Sermon and his landing spot there is intriguing. I'd argue that the Jets landing spot might be.... better? Hear me out: New coach. New regime. New franchise QB. Stud left tackle. Legitimate weapons on the outside (but Pittsburgh has that too). Still, if Sermon were to land in New York, he'd have a legit chance to win the RB1 job in camp this summer.

So there you have it. My take on the best landing spots for the top incoming rookies at the QB and RB positions.

Stay tuned for WRs and TEs next.


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