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Bryce Young GameScope Film Review

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 180

Projected 40 time: 4.6

Strength: Escapability + Vision

Weakness: He's short, you know

The overall picture for quarterbacks starts with upside. What a quarterback CAN do is much more important than what he DOESN'T do. Quarterbacks grow more than any other position because a majority of the game is won between the ears. A good environment is critical to the development of a rookie QB. Some young passers need more structure and support than others. Bryce Young's environment changed significantly with his top 3 receivers, Jameson Williams, John Metchie, Slade Bolden all going to the NFL for the 2022 season. Despite the complete overhaul of Alabama's receiver corps, Bryce was able to put together another efficient season and drop some truly iconic plays.

Although Bryce posted very similar efficiency numbers (2021: 8.9 yards per attempt, 66.9% completion | 2022: 8.8 ypa, 64.5% comp), the Crimson Tide offense was a bit off throughout the 2022 season. The receivers were legitimately bad. The big receivers had difficulty separating. The quick receivers kept dropping the ball. Timing was frequently off-schedule. It was not the humming machine that fans have come to expect from Alabama.

Bryce was imperfect. He had a few misses on gimme throws throughout the year.

The receivers were often worthy of blame. Ex: Ja'Corey Brooks needs to establish position here.

Others were entirely on Bryce - 4th down last chance against Tennessee and he backpedals himself out of a good opportunity with Burton (I'm sure the backpedal is coached, he just goes too far and misses his chance to win the game).

While Alabama's season didn't go the way they hoped, Bryce's ability to produce similar efficiency and avoid an increase in turnovers is a testament to his overall value. He anchored the team and kept them in every game. The 2021 Heisman year was filled with deep shot wins to Jameson and Metchie. 2022 was marked by intelligent problem-solving and weaponizing his running backs. Not that anyone was worried, but Bryce proved he was more than just a distributor for elite receivers.

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