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FF Astronauts DFS Championship Sunday

Welcome to the FF_Astronauts weekly DFS column.

Nathan McGuire, Alex Edwards and @FF_Spotlight will cover their favorite captain of both games.

Let's take a look at the captains for the NFL Playoffs Championship Sunday

Davante Adams, Green Bay, $17,400

Green Bay is looking for revenge in the NFC Championship game after getting wrecked by Tampa Bay in week 6, losing 10-38. In that game Adams had his second-lowest scoring performance, only coming out with 12.1 points. I don't expect a repeat of that in the NFC Championship game though. I actually look for a closer repeat performance from Adams as to what he did in week 16 against Tennessee when they played in the snow and he came out with 46.2 points. The weather will be cold in Green Bay Sunday with snow expected in the AM and possibly leading into the game. Adams is already a difficult man to keep up against with his elite ability to separate. When the weather is nasty, that gives him even more of an advantage. That's not even to mention that Tampa Bay has struggled against WRs this year, ranking 25th in the league on DraftKings. Adams has a hefty price, most expensive actually, but when you are looking for a captain you want the highest-scoring player in the game. That's exactly what I expect from Adams.

Alex Edwards, @ItsDraftSzn

Ronald Jones, Tampa Bay, $8,100

Are you really sold on "Playoff Lenny"? I certainly am not. Sometimes the captain also needs to come at a good price for the rest of your lineup. Last time Tampa faced Green Bay, ROJO ran for 113 yards and two TDs while Leonard ($12,600) was out. Green Bay is solid against the pass but shaky against the run. Meanwhile, ROJO has been a more efficient and productive back all season. Why is ROJO cheaper than Antonio Brown?! This is a steal, with a possible low usage upside.

Nathan McGuire, @n_mcguire95

Stefon Diggs, Buffalo, $10,600

27.6 points, 27.8 points, 14.6 points, 44.5 points, 28.7 points, 32.1 points. Those are Diggs' fantasy points scored on DraftKings since week 14. Baltimore, Indianpolis, Miami (14.6 points), New England, Denver and Pittsburgh were all torched by the Diggs - Allen combo. Now take those numbers times 1.5 for a captain's numbers. I love this matchup and his talent. His game against Miami needs to be thrown out because they won 56-26 in week 17 and there was not much need for him to produce, nor should he have been with the division already secured. So, throwing out the Miami game, he's had over 6 receptions and 100 yards in each of those games. In the playoffs, he has scored in both of his games...Flipping to the matchup, KC has been the 20th ranked defense vs. opposing yards per rush at 4.5. This is important because Josh Allen is the main threat on the ground and his threat to run will keep defensive players in the box, potentially spying on Allen.


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Demarcus Robinson, Kansas City, $1,800

Demarcus Robinson has had solid performances throughout 2020 when given the opportunity. He's scored double-digits in 6/13 games he has a reception in 2020. Also, Sammy Watkins is questionable for Sunday. This would result in more snaps for Robinson. With the low price of 1,800, he's worth the flier to possibly come through and add value while costing very little.

Alex Edwards, @ItsDraftSzn

Scotty Miller, Tampa Bay, $1,800

Great Scot!? Listen the premise is simple here. The price is indicative of his recent performances, but it does not account for the loss of Antonio Brown. The Packers have a strong secondary, but sometimes they lack in coverage in underneath routes or routes out of the slot. This can be a big week for Scotty Miller to step up big for the Bucs. It will all come down to how well Tom Brady plays in Lambeau. Look for a back and forth game this Sunday.

Nathan McGuire, @n_mcguire95

AJ Dillon, Green Bay, $1,200

You're saying there's a chance? How can AJ Dillon be useful? That image is from the last game played in Lambeau in the snow with playoff implications, week 16 vs. Tennessee. There's an 80% chance of snow on Saturday and 60% on Sunday of NFL Championship Sunday (like @itsdraftszn said previously). Now, in week 16, Aaron Jones had been on the injury report with a toe injury and was limited in practice all week. He was not listed on the injury report going into that game. Jamaal Williams did not practice that week with a quadricep injury and was listed as doubtful. Dillon showed that he was a power runner, with speed and agility. He's also gotten over people making jokes about his massive legs. He had 21 rushes for 124 yards and 2TD's on the ground. Going into Sunday, none of the running backs will be on the injury report, although Dillon was limited with a quadricep and Williams was limited with an ankle. This is all important because, if Jones struggles in the snow with his running style, we've seen Dillon in the snow and he was dominant. If you can squeeze him into your line up by maxing salaries on other players, if Dillon hits, your line up may go over the top.



Alex Edwards, @ItsDraftSzn (Saturday 2-game slate)

QB: Rodgers, $6,900, 25.54 points

RB: Akers, $5,700, 18.60 points

RB: Dobbins, $6,000, 12.30 points

WR: Diggs, $7,300, 27.60 points

WR: Woods, $5,900, 12.80 points

WR: M. Brown, $5,200, 12.70 points

TE: Andrews, $5,000, 6.80 points

FLEX: Singletary, $4,500, 6.70 points

DEF: Ravens, $2,800, 6.00 points

Total: $49,300, 129.04 points

Nathan McGuire (Full 4-Game Slate)

QB: Allen, $7,400, 12.54 points

RB: Chubb, $6,600, 9.30 points

RB: Akers, $5,700, 18.60 points

WR: Hill, $8,000, 22.90 points

WR: Diggs, $7,300, 27.60 points

WR: McKenzie, $3,300, 2.80 points

TE: Hooper, $3,800, 3.60 points

FLEX: Andrews, $5,000, 6.80 points

DEF: Buffalo, $2,900, 19.00 points

Total: $50,000, 123.14 points

@FF_Spotlight (Full 4-Game Slate)

QB: Mayfield, $5,300, 12.46 points

RB: Akers, $5,700, 18.60 points

RB: Fournette, $4,900, 21.70 points

WR: Diggs, $7,300, 27.60 points

WR: Evans, $6,400, 7.30 points

WR: Landry, $5,600, 15.00 points

TE: Andrews, $5,000, 6.80 points

FLEX: Chubb, $6,600, 9.30 points

DEF: Buccaneers, $3,100, 9.00 points

Total: $49,900, 127.76 points


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