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Jalin Hyatt GameScope Film Review

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 180

Projected 40: 4.37

Strength: Fast

Weakness: Physicality

Congratulations to Jalin Hyatt for winning several million dollars on October 15, 2022. Upsetting Alabama to the tune of 6 catches for 207 yards and 5 TDs not only won him free drinks for life at every bar in Knoxville, it also jumped him into the 1st or 2nd round of the NFL draft. So many people dream for that type of breakout opportunity, and so many coaches dream for this type of speed weapon.

Hyatt completes the Kessel Run in under 10 parsecs. He absolutely blows the top off defenses. The play below shows the absurdity of his speed. He runs completely around a backpedaling defender, stacking over the DB without letting him ever get within arms reach. This is rare speed. Not many athletes can tear a hole in the spacetime continuum and leave Crimson Tide defenders in the abyss. Jalin Hyatt can blow the doors off at any time, from any distance.

The Tennessee offense is incredible. It's the laziest offense ever. Literally. They let the receivers walk around during the play. I've not seen anything like it. Half of the receiving options will routinely give zero effort - a radical philosophy of energy conservation. On top of tolerating/encouraging players standing still during the middle of a play, Tennessee had very low skill requirements in their route tree. There are no sharp movements in this offense. They run Post-Wheel 100 times a game. The Hi-Lo reads feature very little lateral stress. Dig routes are banana'd into limp post routes. Players rarely change direction more than once.

Coaches like to talk about fitting an offense to the athletes they have. It can be a bit chicken vs egg. Coaches don't really have time to evaluate the movement skills of their athletes. They find what works by leaning on things that are successful for the players that they like. This offense could not be more perfect for the Tennessee personnel. The receiver group is tough, explosive... and terribly stiff. Hendon Hooker gets to throw it all over the yard with out making more than one read. Ced Tillman and Bru McCoy can play bully ball on the outside. And Jalin Hyatt thrives with free releases into open space.

As with many slot receivers, Jalin Hyatt saw very little press coverage during his Biletnikoff campaign. I counted 2 reps in the 5 games covered and both were roll-down adjustments by the defense in response to pre-snap offensive motion. With freedom to build to his top gear unimpeded, Hyatt could shred any defense. Tennessee also did a great job of "creating space" for Hyatt by hiding him in stacked alignments. The receiver on the line essentially acts as a blocker, and Hyatt can ramp to hyperspeed without opposition. He made several huge plays out of this formation.

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