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Jordan Addison: WR to keep your eye on

For my first article with the FF Astronauts, I thought it would be best to do one of my favorite “under the radar” players in the 2023 class, Jordan Addison. This true freshman was putting up some of the best numbers this team has seen since Tyler Boyd’s Freshman year in 2013. He’s not the fastest, not the biggest, and not super athletic but he managed to find success so let’s dig in a little and see what makes this kid so special.

Have to Start the article with this catch that shows a little bit of everything

Addison was a 4 star recruit out of Tuscarora, Maryland and finished the 2020 season leading the panthers with (60) receptions and (666) receiving yard. He tacked on 4 touchdowns and contributed on special teams as the punt and kickoff returner. This 6’0 175lb slot receiver was also included in the run game taking 9 handoffs for 58 yards. What Addison lacks in size, he makes up for in natural ability. This kid has amazing focus and awareness when he is on the field. There were a few instances this past season where the ball had been deflected or there was a contested catch, Addison knew where to have his feet and had the focus to come down with the ball. This is a rare skill to find in such a young player which is why he is so intriguing. He plays fearless out on the field running crossing routes through the defense and making tough catches in traffic. His ability to make these catches in the middle is due to his ability to be quick off the line and running strong routes. He also has an eye for finding the open field and helping his QB out in the “just get open” situations.

Example of Addison's great awareness to stay in bounds and get the first

While Addison is very shifty and quick after he catches the ball, his small frame leaves him susceptible to going down on first contact. He might blow past you with his speed but if a defender can get his hands on him, he goes down with ease. He still finds a way to make catches through contact as shown below. If this man can pack on 10 to 15lbs over the next 2 years, he will be a force to be reckoned with.

Great job of focusing on the catch and absorbing a big shot

Other than his lack of size and ability to run through some tackles I believe Jordan is a great football player. His awareness and ability to come down with the ball in contested situations can transition well to the next level. If I had to make a comparison to the NFL I would say that he reminds me of the newly drafted DeVonta Smith. They are similar in stature and have similar play styles to me. Their ability to run crossing routes with a smaller frame and play big has me extremely excited for Addison’s’ future. Keep your eye on this 2023 WR your devy drafts.


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