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Launch of the Space Cadet Program

A Fantasy Football Journey

Compared to other things in my life, fantasy football is something that is relatively new. I began in a regular redraft league with some of my undergrad buddies about 8 years ago. It was fun getting to learn more about football teams outside of my Dallas Cowboys. Learning the value of certain positions, learning when to reach for some guys, learning how to talk people into trades, and becoming more invested in the weekly slate of NFL football games. I was in the championship the four years that the redraft league was in existence, although I only won once.

After the redraft league dissipated, I invited my closest friends to a dynasty league. We started that league up and I quickly realized the extra nuance that was needed. Now, you had to worry about age, production, when to trade players, when to trade picks or hold them. Scouting the guys entering the draft became a must and I became addicted. I began to watch college football games religiously and watching guys in their freshman and sophomore years imagining what they could do when they reach the league and reach their potential. The first guy I remember watching early and then grabbing in the draft was Jonathan Taylor. Seeing him find success really made the process worth it.

I then found Devy and campus to canton leagues (C2C). Devy leagues allow you to draft guys before they make it to the NFL. Adding another layer to a game that is already loved. I was already doing the scouting, so why not join a league. I joined a Devy league and immediately fell in love with the risk that came with selecting a player early. I enjoyed the rush that I got when I realized I had Najee and Javonte in my Devy league this year. I also felt the lows of having Journey Brown and hearing about his unfortunate medical condition that cut his career short before it ever began. Devy was the new drug that I could not get enough of. Campus to Canton (C2C) is like Devy, but on steroids. Instead of just drafting guys before they reach the NFL, you draft a whole college team and compete in a fantasy college league. I'm a baseball guy, so I think of it as essentially having a major league team (your NFL fantasy team) and a minor league feeder team (your college fantasy team). Devy/C2C is where I am going to focus a majority of my articles from here on out.

Space Cadet Program

I would like to introduce the next mission for the Fantasy Football Astronauts and outline my vision for the Devy portion of the Fantasy Football Astronauts, something I like to call The Space Cadet Program.

Fluid Consensus Rankings

Our rankings will be something that we will update weekly. Members of our incredible group will rank college guys according to their own analysis. We will have personal rankings for each of the content creators that are interested and these will be composited into consensus rankings. Have a certain astronaut that you trust? Awesome, you will be able to see their personal rankings! Want to see what we think as a whole? Great, the consensus rankings will be perfect for you! We aim to build a database where you can get the information you are looking for.

Weekly Risers/Fallers

We saw Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Javonte Williams raise their stocks over the last couple of years. We saw Chuba Hubbard's stock fall as the season progressed. Expect a weekly Riser and Faller graphic to easily digest who had a performance that needs to be noticed or someone who has been disappointing lately. Risers and Fallers will be a quick digestible snippet of a player you should be paying attention to or someone you should be looking to sell before their value craters.

Articles on Top Players Approaching NFL

We all want to win our leagues, even in C2C leagues, the goal is to win the main NFL fantasy league. Even if you have the top freshman or sophomore, you are still going to have to wait a year or two before you get to see them produce. We are planning on releasing scouting articles on some of the guys that are coming into the league and how they are performing. Instead of focusing on Najee, Etienne, Chase, or Fields, we are going to focus on the next class of Breece Hall, Isaiah Spiller, Sam Howell, and Treylon Burks. Dynasty players can get a head start on the 2022 picks and Devy players can see how their guys are performing or who they should target in trades.

Win Your Fantasy Leagues

We make this content for you all who take the time out of your busy days and engage with us. We want to return the favor by giving y'all every advantage we can. If you have any ideas or want something else incorporated, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter, @PsychoBo15.


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