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Top 5 2024 Rookie WR Landing Spots

Burny (@SeaSportsBros)

When projecting rookie receivers to the NFL, landing spots can play as big of a role in their success as their college film, analytical profile, or draft slot. If you don't believe me, check out this article that proves it ( To maximize immediate production there needs to be a match of team need, skill set, and utilization. 2023 was proof of this as day 2 and day 3 picks outperformed multiple first rounders because they landed on teams that were able to take advantage of their specific skill sets. Would Puka, Jayden, and Rashee have had the same success if they were drafted to the Seahawks or Panthers? Probably not. 

So, what are the best team, player fits of the ridiculously deep 2024 WR class? 

Using our landing spot grading scale, I ranked the top 5 landing spots for WRs in the 2024 class. You can find my full receiver grades and rankings by downloading our Rookie Guide (

OLI: Jacksonville (87), Indianapolis (86), Dallas (85)

5) Baltimore Ravens

Landing spot grade: 89/100

  1. Opportunity: 65/75 - No clear short-term need, but could push Bateman at X in 2024 and replace him in 2025.

  2. Teammates: 20/20 - Elite long term QB.

  3. Scheme: 4/5 - Monken cooks by letting Lamar cook, formations can get a little TE and FB heavy.

Best fit: Keon Coleman

Grade: 81.6 (Early Fantasy Starter)

Role: Possession X

Complements: Zay Flowers, Mark Andrews

Rookie contract outlook: Keon Coleman brings a size and catch radius that the Ravens receiver room is currently lacking. The presence of Rashod Bateman and Zay Flowers as deep threats and Mark Andrews on the inside would let Coleman occupy the X role as an isolated receiver on the outside. Lamar has never had the benefit of a true ball winner at receiver. That skill set would help unlock the Ravens offense on 3rd and medium and in the red zone where they have struggled in recent years. It is also a great fit for Coleman, who would be best paired with a QB who is willing to test tight windows and let him make plays at the catch point. With Lamar in Baltimore, Coleman could become a physical, go-to possession receiver in the mold of Dez Bryant or Michael Pittman. The speed of Flowers and Bateman also makes Coleman’s weakness as a vertical burner less significant and his catch radius and ball skills complement theirs. This pairing would give the Ravens every skill set imaginable in their WR room.

4) Kansas City Chiefs

Landing spot grade: 95/100

  1. Opportunity: 70/75 - Clear need at X, short term target competition but wide open long term. 

  2. Teammates: 20/20 - The GOAT.

  3. Scheme: 5/5 - The GOAT.

Best fit: Ja’Lynn Polk

Grade: 83.1 (Early Fantasy Starter)

Role: Possession X

Complements: Rashee Rice, Hollywood Brown, Travis Kelce

Rookie contract outlook: For a team that almost didn’t win the super bowl because their receivers were tipping passes to defenders every week, Polk’s sure hands would be appreciated. Polk’s ability to win off the line of scrimmage against press and off coverage would let Kansas City get creative with how he is deployed. His feel as a route-runner pairs well with Mahomes' anticipatory playstyle and he would likely become his second most reliable target during his rookie year. As Kelce continues to age and with the offseason addition of Hollywood Brown, the Chiefs still need a reliable possession receiver in the long term. Rashee Rice is more of an explosive YAC type who is inconsistent with his route running and ball skills (and decision making). The addition of Polk would let everyone else remain in the role they are best suited for, and provide Mahomes a contested ball-winner that he hasn’t really had before.

3) Los Angeles Chargers

Landing spot grade: 97/100

  1. Opportunity: 75/75 - No current number 1, lost their top 2 targets this offseason.

  2. Teammates: 19/20 - Excellent long term QB.

  3. Scheme: 3/5 - Harbaugh/Roman offense is probably fine but a little suspect.

Best fit: Malik Nabers

Grade: 89.6 (Immediate stud)

Role: Explosive Z / Versatile number 1

Complements: Josh Palmer, Quentin Johnston

Rookie contract outlook: Nabers steps in as the number 1 option in a passing game with an elite QB. He could be the vertical threat that they tried to use Johnston as last year and let Johnston move into more of an underneath, gadget, YAC role that is a better fit for his skill set. Josh Palmer could then be the possession X receiver assuming they don't add any other rookies later in the draft. Nabers’ explosiveness, ball tracking, and YAC ability would give Herbert a legitimate number 1 receiver unlike any he has ever played with. Just imagine Herbert nuking deep balls to Nabers. They might connect on multiple 99 yard touchdowns. 

2) Arizona Cardinals

Landing spot grade: 98/100

  1. Opportunity: 75/75 - No current number 1.

  2. Teammates: 19/20 - Quality long term QB.

  3.  Scheme: 4/5 - Petzing cooks! Might have to be replaced if he gets hired elsewhere.

Best fit: Marvin Harrison Jr.

Grade: 88.5 (Immediate stud)

Role: Vertical X / Versatile number 1

Complements: Trey McBride, Michael Wilson

Rookie contract outlook: MHJ steps in as the number 1 option in the passing attack from day 1. He can be moved around the formation or lined up at X every snap and win. The Cardinals weapons are pretty weak outside of Trey McBride, and while I like Michael Wilson as a possession receiver, Harrison Jr. brings a level of explosiveness that Wilson doesn’t. Funnily enough, my play style comparison for Harrison is Deandre Hopkins. It's not hard to picture Kyler and Marvin connecting on improbable sideline jump balls and deep shots.

1) Buffalo Bills

Landing spot grade: 99/100

  1. Opportunity: 75/75 - No number 1

  2. Teammates: 20/20 - Elite long-term QB

  3. Scheme: 4/5 - Some questions about Joe Brady and McDermott long-term

Best fit: Adonai Mitchell

Grade: 84.7 (Early fantasy starter)

Role: Vertical X

Complements: Dalton Kincaid, Curtis Samuel, Khalil Shakir

Rookie contract outlook: After trading Diggs, the Bills weapons of Curtis Samuel, Khalil Shakir, and Dalton Kincaid are badly missing an explosive downfield threat and physical ball winner on the outside. Adonai Mitchell fills both needs and could become the number 1 target for Josh Allen. He has the hand strength and catch radius to handle Allen’s missiles, and Allen has the accuracy, anticipation and arm strength to take advantage of Mitchell’s downfield separation. They could become one of the most prolific deep threat combinations in the league. Mitchell is excellent on the double moves that Stefon Diggs is leaving behind, and he provides an even bigger catch radius for Josh Allen in contested situations.


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