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Trevor Lawrence Scouting Report

High School

Trevor Lawrence went to Cartersville High School in Georgia. During his time there he was a 4 year starter on varsity. Lawrence was 52-2 as a starter and won 2 state championships. Trevor finished high school with 13,908 passing yards, 161 touchdowns, and 21 interceptions. He also finished on a 41 game winning streak and was ranked the number 1 player in Georgia and in the nation in 2017. Lawrence committed to Clemson in January of 2018.


Trevor Lawrence started at Clemson as a true freshman in 2018. He finished his freshman season with 3,280 passing yards, 30 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions. He had 169 passing attempts without an interception and broke school records for passing yards, touchdowns, and wins as a freshman. As if that wasn't enough, Trevor also led Clemson to win a national title and was the first true freshman to do so since 1985.

During his sophomore season, Lawrence was one of the best players in the country and finished the year with 3,665 passing yards, 36 touchdowns, and 8 interceptions. The only downside was losing in the national title game in a shootout against LSU. Lawrence finished that game with 234 passing yards, 49 rushing yards, and 1 touchdown.

Lawrence is now in his junior season and is eligible for the NFL draft. He’s already off to a hot start, but is unfortunately missing some time after testing positive for COVID-19. Most analysts expect that he’ll enter the 2021 NFL draft, but ultimately it will be Lawrence’s decision to declare or stay in school for his senior season.

First Impression

One of Lawrence’s most notable features is his size. At 6’6” at 220 pounds, he’s the ideal size for an NFL quarterback. He can stand tall in the pocket and see downfield. He has a strong arm with great velocity and has some nice touch on his deep ball. He makes tight window throws look easy, and he is very patient while routes are developing. His pocket presence is great and he almost has a sixth sense for when pressure is coming. He isn't the fastest, but when pressure is coming he can move out of the pocket and scramble for extra yards. Trevor is a great leader, very tough, and has solid mechanics. There are not many flaws to his game and he is looking like the next big-time NFL quarterback.

Film and Graphic Score


Trevor Lawrence is physically gifted and a superb athlete. He has great accuracy and touch on deep and tight window throws, and his mobility and pocket presence are already elite. He knows when to get rid of the ball and doesn't take many sacks. For his size he's also very mobile and can be an efficient scrambler. Lawrence is also a tough player and a great leader.


Trevor has put in some serious work on his mechanics and has improved over time. He can be a little inconsistent on some throws, but this isn't a serious issue. Sometimes decision making can also be an issue and he will force throws or hold onto the ball too long, but he really doesn’t have many flaws to his game.

Film Scores

Arm Strength: Lawrence has all the arm talent in the world and some great arm strength. He has some nice touch on his deep balls and great velocity on shorter/intermediate throws.

This is such a nice play, but an even better throw. This is why Trevor got a 94 score for arm strength. Lawrence displays some great mechanics on this throw and has a quick release. The ball is placed perfectly where only the wide receiver had a chance to make the play.

Accuracy: Trevor is known for being one of the most accurate passers in college football right now. He can fit the ball into some tight windows and rarely throws interceptions.

This play shows why Lawrence is so special and why he received his 89 accuracy score. He is immediately pressured after the snap and has the mobility to evade the pressure. He rolls out right and keeps his eyes down field. He is able to make a throw of 20+ yards while on the run, and he gets the ball right to his receiver.

Downfield Vision: Lawrence has incredible downfield vision. His eyes are always downfield manipulating defenders or looking for a receiver while scrambling.

In this play the pocket collapses early, forcing Trevor to step up and scramble. As he rolls out, he lets his eyes stay downfield. He makes an incredible throw on the run and delivers a nice strike to find a receiver wide open in the endzone. The 87 downfield vision score seems appropriate.

Mobility: Lawrence may not have the best speed in the world, but he's an outstanding athlete and can move well. His pocket awareness and elusiveness under pressure are superb.

This was a designed run by Clemson and demonstrates his 85 mobility score. Lawrence takes the snap, sees the hole right up the middle, and goes for it. He accelerates up the middle and makes a defensive back miss. He had a great angle to the end zone where no one could catch him.

Fantasy Outlook

There are so many reasons to be hyped up about Trevor Lawrence. He truly is the next big thing and is the most notable quarterback since Andrew Luck. Lawrence has a huge decision to make after the NCAA season is over, and that is to enter the NFL draft or stay in school for his senior season. If he enters the draft he will undoubtedly be the number 1 pick. Right now the Jets and Jaguars are the two teams that would benefit from him the most. Fantasy-wise, Lawrence should be drafted in the early rounds in dynasty/superflex leagues, and he’s worth a later round pick in redraft. He has the talent to produce immediately for fantasy owners and holds tremendous upside. He is the QB1 of the 2021 NFL draft.


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