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We Were Rated a Top 5 Fantasy Podcast by the Fantasy Football Counselor!

Recently the Fantasy Football Counselor (@fantasyfootballcounselor) reached out to us and informed our team that we had caught his eye in his search for the best Fantasy Football Podcasts. Naturally, we were thrilled to hear this news! The following phone interview only confirmed his previous idea that we were, indeed, a top 5 Fantasy Podcast.

His criteria is very well rounded and we are honored to be recognized in such a way. The list is comprised of four other excellent podcasts that rank highly in five categories: Knowledge, Duration, Complete Solution, Interaction, and Passion. While duration was a weak score for us, we have only been around for a year and a half at this point, we scored very high in the other categories and made it on this prestigious list!

The Fantasy Football Counselor has plenty of other fantasy football resources to help you dominate your league. Here's his fantasy football cheat sheet for your 2020 drafts!


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