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Week 14 Fantasy Football Start/Sit

It's playoff time! After a grueling regular season, we have finally made it to the promised land and now the final push for the championship begins. So for these crucial start/sit decisions @FFShaneB has got you covered with both his starts and sits while @MattFFDynasty is unavailable. Let's take that W this week and then that title is within our grasps!





Start Of The Week

Justin Herbert (LAC) Vs ATL

Herbert had a ROUGH week last week. But, so have the other 14 rookie QBs that have faced Bill Bellichick. Herbert is going to bounce back though because he is facing one of the WORST secondaries in the leagues in Atlanta. He is going to show Derek Carr how you are supposed to SMASH Atlanta. Herbert has been the best rookie QB this year and will continue to show it. You must start him.

Matt Ryan (ATL) @ LAC

Ryan has not been great the past three weeks. Julio has been banged up though. Julio is hopefully back closer to full strength this week and the matchup this week is JUICY. The Chargers have been letting everybody that plays QB score on them. Ryan should have a wonderful game this week.

Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) @ BUF

The Steelers finally lost. Mike Tomlin is no joke of a coach, so do you know what that means? He has his team pissed off and ready to come back and smack some people in the head. Lucky for Ben, Claypool, and Diontae, the Bills secondary is not good. This feels like a bounce-back game for the whole Steelers team. Start Big Ben.



Sit Of The Week

Baker Mayfield (CLE) Vs BAL

It hurts me so much to type this name, but Baker is a must sit. He sucked week 1 against the Ravens. He balled out last week. I want to see if he can do that against the Ravens as a fan. As a fantasy manager, I do not want to start him knowing his previous performance and knowing my playoff hopes are on the line. Sit Baker. The risk is not worth it.

Cam Newton (NE) @ LAR

The Patriots are somehow 6-6 and in playoff contention still. However, they have to play a real team with a real defense this week. The Rams have been one of my favorite teams to talk about because they are just good. Defensively they do not give up a lot of fantasy points to any position. Because of this, you need to sit Cam.

Tua Tagovailoa (MIA) Vs KC

Andy Reid is one of the best coaches in the NFL. Because of this, his teams are smart. I think this will be a problem for Tua simply because he is a rookie and this is his sixth NFL start. I think this will be a small bump on the road for Tua, but a bump it will be. I am not starting Tua if I don’t have to in a tough game.


Running Back



Start Of The Week

Aaron Jones (GB) @ DET

Always start your studs. But this week especially, start Aaron Jones. Detroit is God awful against the run. I like David Montgomery, but Jones is a much better player than he is. Montgomery tore this defense apart last week. Jones will do the same even if LaFleur pisses me off and doesn’t give him the touches he deserves.

Jonathan Taylor (IND) @ LV

Jonathan Taylor’s best game came against the Packers, who SUCK against the run. Lucky for him the Raiders also SUCK against the run. They are high off a fluke win against the Jets. Gregg Williams lost his job because of the play call that lost this game. Taylor should give you some nice ROI on this game.

D'Andre Swift/Adrian Peterson (DET) Vs GB

IF D’Andre Swift plays, he is a SMASH start. Green Bay cannot stop the run. It is almost like they don’t want to. Swift is so talented he will take advantage of them. IF Swift does NOT play, I still like Adrian Peterson as a high-end flex play/low-end RB2 at least. He could also have a good day because that is just how bad Green Bay is.



Sit Of The Week

David Johnson (HOU) @ CHI

Akiem Hicks is back playing for the Bears. When he was out against the Packers, they ran all over the Bears. He changes the game and makes them a more than solid run defense. David Johnson has been relatively decent this year but will struggle in this game. Sit him.

Nick Chubb (CLE) Vs BAL

I am very worried as a fan about this game. Because of that, I am being conservative as an analyst. I think if this game goes south like it did last time Chubb will be very limited. The game script in this scenario does not bode well for him and again I do not want to lose out on the chance for a championship based on this. This is a tough pill to swallow, I know. If you have other options TAKE THEM.

Miles Sanders (PHI) Vs NO

This game just screams 'nightmare' for all Eagles offensive players. Rookie QB making his first start against a good defense with a bad O-Line? Yeah, bench Miles Sanders unless you just like pain.


Wide Receiver



Start Of The Week

DK Metcalf (SEA) Vs NYJ

Okay, DK was going to be in your lineup anyway, but his matchup is going to be so good this week that he could easily be the WR1 and that is why he is my start of the week. I know it has also been difficult to predict is it going to be a Lockett week or a DK week this year. This matchup is so good both should be amazing and Wilson needs a get-right game.

Tyler Boyd (CIN) Vs DAL

Dallas’ secondary is a pile of hot garbage. If they do not draft to improve it, they are stupid (spoiler alert they’re already kinda stupid). It took one week for Boyd to get back on track as the favorite target of the new QB. With his matchup this week he should continue his stellar season.

Jamison Crowder (NYJ) @ SEA

This game could get ugly quick. Darnold is back though and he and Crowder finally seemed to hook up again last week. Despite the score being ugly, I think he is a smash play because they are going to have to throw and Crowder will operate well against this equally bad defense.



Sit Of The Week

DeVante Parker (MIA) Vs KC

DeVante Parker has not shown a connection with Tua. This especially concerns me when this game could also be high scoring. I do not think Parker will get the opportunity because of the lack of connection and because Reid’s defense will eliminate him as a threat. Unless they try to bait Tua to throw to him, but then they are going to be deflecting and intercepting balls thrown to him. Sit Parker, save yourself the headache and disappointment.

Jarvis Landry (CLE) Vs BAL

Can you tell I am not optimistic about the Browns in this game? Jarvis meet Marlon, Marlon meet Jarvis. You two are partners now and unfortunately for Jarvis that means a very long day as Marlon is good at his job. Going against one of the best corners in the league will be difficult for Jarvis if they cannot get their offense off the ground.

Nelson Agholor (LV) Vs IND

Agholor has been pretty good this year, but has disappointed the last couple of weeks. Indianapolis’ defense is one of the best in the league. If Carr plays well I think it means he is going through Waller and Ruggs is taking the top of this defense to keep them honest. I don’t foresee them having a good day though.


Tight End



Start Of The Week

Jordan Akins (HOU) @ CHI

Chicago cannot stop the tight end. I have talked to 3 Bears fans and they have different theories. One of them says that Danny Trevathan is old and has lost a step and cannot keep up with tight ends. The other two say that the corners are so good that the only option people have are through the slot or the tight end and people expose them there. I think both of these things can be true causing the Bears to be anemic against tight ends. Start Jordan Akins with confidence this week.

Zach Ertz (PHI) Vs NO

Ertz is the only skill-position player I want to start from the Eagles. Jalen Hurts peppered him with targets when he came into the game last week. With the defense being tough everywhere, I expect the rookie to have to rely on the tight end position and the veteran tight end will provide that safety net. He is also another week healthier from his injury, so there should be an improvement in production there.

Hunter Henry (LAC) Vs ATL

Henry has been a weird play this year. Lucky for him he has a great matchup against a terrible defense. Herbert should be looking for Henry to help him expose this matchup. He needs to be in your lineups.



Sit Of The Week

Evan Engram (NYG) Vs ARI

Considering Arizona’s status against tight ends last year this is somewhat surprising to type. However, Engram does not have good potential this week. We aren’t sure who his QB is, the defense is tough AND he is just wildly inconsistent and underperforming. Sit him and hopefully you have a better option!

Tyler Higbee (LAR) Vs NE

Higbee has been way too inconsistent to still be in your lineups. He has a tough matchup against the defensive wizard that is Bill Bellichick. Sit Higbee as he is not a primary target for Goff this year.

Austin Hooper (CLE) Vs BAL

He sucks.





Start Of The Week

New Orleans Saints @ PHI

This defense has been winning them games(not Taysom Hill). They are playing top-level defense and guess what? They get a rookie QB in his first start. This could get very ugly for Jalen Hurts and very pretty for the Saints defense.

L.A Rams Vs NE

Arizona Cardinals @ NYG

Kansas City Chiefs @ MIA



Sit Of The Week

Atlanta Falcons @ LAC

The Charger offense has skyrocketed since Herbert took over. Atlanta’s defense has not skyrocketed at all other than when Derek Carr wet his pants and handed them the game. Justin Herbert is going to shred this defense, so you should not start them.

New York Jets @ SEA

Miami Dolphins Vs KC

Detroit Lions Vs GB


Thanks for reading. Be sure to keep an eye out every Thursday for our weekly start/sit article with the @FF_Astronauts. Follow @FFShaneB and @MattFFDynasty on twitter for more Fantasy Football content throughout the season and hit us up with your Start/Sit questions.


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