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Week 9 Trade Value Charts (Redraft)

Fantasy Astronauts is excited to continue providing you with weekly trade values for all significant scoring formats in your re-draft leagues. Whether you received an interesting trade offer or you're looking to send one out, make sure you review our charts and make sure that the deal is balanced. Values represent the expected future performance of each player, not what they've already accomplished. If one side of the trade has more players than the other, I'd suggest reducing the total value of the larger player pool by 20% to properly assess the trade.

If you've used our values to make a trade this week, tell us about it in the comments below or @FF_Astronauts!

Running Back Values

Wide Receiver Values

Tight End Values

Quarterback Values


Nov 03, 2020

@jimmyd thank you for your comment. You make a lot of good points. Starting with Mahomes vs Wilson, Wilson has certainly been the better QB to own in 2020 so far, but this model factors in historical consistency and Wilson has struggled for many previous years. Wilson has slowly climbed the ROS rankings this season and may eventually pass Mahomes. Lenny had a great game this week but it was his only game over 56% of snaps this year. Not great. If he continues to out-play RoJo, his value will go up, but now that we’re in week 9, the most recent one-week sample size means very little.


How is Mahomes above Russ when Russ needs to put up way more points and is in better situation for fantasy?

How is Fournette not on the list at all while RoJo is far up when Fournette is taking huge share of the work?

How is Fant so low compared to the likes of Tonyan, Goedert, and fucking Mike Gesicki?

How on Earth are Bell and Drake = to Miles Sanders?

This list seems incredibly lazy

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