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Will Levis GameScope Film Review

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 229

Projected Wonderlic: 31

Strengths: Can take a hit

Weakness: Ball placement

Will Levis is a psychopath. Could be a good thing, could be a bad thing. But it's certainly a thing. It definitely matters. Just not sure which direction.

Any interest in Will Levis starts with his arm strength. Tossing a 60 yarder is no big deal for Levis.

Levis is also capable of recognizing leverage and throwing his receiver into open space. Here he gets Barion Brown isolated against the safety running corner-post. Brown runs a fantastic route, and Levis pushes the ball across the field to allow Brown to run under it. He avoids catch-point conflict altogether in order to guarantee a completion. With a clean pocket and a straightforward setup, Levis executes the deep strike perfectly.

Here he drops a catchable deep ball into a fairly challenging bucket. 40 yard throw from the opposite hash without a complete follow-through. Even though the pass would have likely been broken up if the CB man-turned instead of opening to Levis, it's still a relatively impressive athletic feat to get the ball out there with pressure in his face.

However, that relative athleticism is less valuable than experienced decision-making. When he doesn't have as much room to work, he can make massive mistakes trying to fit the ball into windows that are much tighter. Here he has Barion working down the sideline between a Cover 2 safety that dropped off the hash at the snap and a trail CB that has no flat WR to occupy him. This ball should not be thrown, but he certainly cannot throw it the way he did. Instead of gunning it in, Levis tries to float it to Brown, making it one of the easier interceptions of Kelee Ringo's career.

Levis' play under pressure can be a mixed bag. Coaches will like the grasp Levis has over the holistic concepts. Here, Levis gets a delayed blitzer in his face and he slides and dumps to his checkdown immediately. Offenses need operators that solve problems rapidly in order to maintain productivity. That type of quick reaction can be an important part of keeping the offense on schedule.

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