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Will Levis: Rocket Man

Will Levis was exactly who we thought he was. The pre-draft noise was incredibly loud, but that was silenced as Levis fell out of the first round altogether. NFL teams have become increasingly smart with their QB evaluations, and Levis had enough flaws to cause teams to wait. Levis might have been a poor investment with a top 10 pick, but he's absolutely worth it at the top of the 2nd round. I'm asking you to do the same with your fantasy capital.

You don't have to spend big on Will Levis. In any format. He's QB22 in dynasty rankings and QB24 in bestball. These are appropriate values. My hot take is simply that you should be the guy to draft him. Or if you're really smart acquire him as a throw-in on a trade - costs a second round pick in dynastyland.

High as a Kite

Will's arm talent leaps off the screen. His strength is 100% legit, and he's capable of making rare throws even for NFL standards. He makes this backpedaling fade look easy. Casually striking Westbrook-Ihkine on the sideline for a huge gain on a free play.

He's a capable deep ball thrower with a natural understanding for leverage. He can anticipate windows and places a very catchable ball.

He's also physically strong. It's tough to knock Will off his spot, and with such strong contact survival he can stay connected to his target and deliver the ball regardless of immediate perturbation.

Here he is tossing a heater into triple coverage. While getting tackled.

Will's raw arm strength is almost comical. He makes up for questionable timing and footwork with bazooka tier power. When pressure is in his face or downfield traffic creates a conflict, he's able to solve the issue by blasting it away. While this backpedaling bomb to Nuk is ultimately another failed deep pass, most QBs have neither the guts nor the guns to make the attempt. Will is very close. A full offseason of fine-tuning their timing should be enough to convert these big plays.

All the Science, I Actually Understand

Will is more than just a dumb brute running around with an RPG. He's got finesse to his game that bangs as loudly as any deep ball. He does a good job sorting through this rush and layers the ball to Hopkins on the move.

PA shot lofting over linebackers.

Will was impressive working his quick-read game. He's a fast, confident decision-maker. Here the pre-snap picture is 2 Hi, but the right safety rolls down on the snap. Although Will's first read is the left side of the field, when he moves back to his right, his decision to go to Hopkins is instantaneous. Zero hesitation.

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