All-Time Teams: Baltimore Ravens


In my endless research of all things football and through my passion for the history of the NFL, I have decided to try and compile an All-Time Team for all 32 current NFL franchises. By All-Time Team I mean a starting roster compiled of the very best players to ever put on each franchise’s jersey. I will be starting in alphabetical order by current franchise location, so Arizona Cardinals all the way to The Washington Football Team, with the goal of releasing one to two All-Time teams a week for the duration of the current NFL season. This is meant to be fun and cause some debate and is based on my opinion after all my research and deep dives into each franchise’s history. Of course, not everyone will agree with who I chose, and I’d love to hear from anyone who agrees or disagrees, but first, let’s lay out some ground rules for how I came up with each team.

1. Each team roster will consist of the following:

Offense - 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 OT, 2 OG, 1 C

Defense - 2 DE, 2 DT, 3 LB, 2 CB, 2 S

Special Teams - 1 K, 1 P, 1 Returner

Coach - 1 Head Coach

2. I only considered an individual’s stats and contributions with each specific franchise. For example, Peyton Manning’s years with the Broncos were not considered when deciding on the starting QB of the Colts All-Time Team. As a result, the stats and awards listed with each individual player are only those that were achieved with that specific franchise.

3. A player cannot represent two teams as the starter. Players who spent time with more than one team were considered for the franchise they spent the most time with or had the most impact on. This rule led to some interesting scenarios that I will discuss in detail with each specific article to try and clear up any confusion.

4. A player’s stats and impact were considered in context with their era. This won’t simply be a listing of who passed or ran for the most yards in franchise history.

5. All stats are from Pro-Football-Reference and through the 2021 season. I will also be counting sacks from 1960, though the NFL doesn't officially count sacks until 1982.

6. Players in the "Honorable Mentions" section are ordered by year. It's not an indication of where I believe they rank in franchise history.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to it!

Baltimore Ravens All-Time Team

Franchise Information

First Season: 1996

Record: 233-183-1 (56.01 W-L%)

Playoff Record: 16-11

Super Bowls Won: 2 (2000 and 2012)

Passing Leader: Joe Flacco 3,499/5,670 | 38,245 Yds | 212 TD

Rushing Leader: Jamal Lewis 1,822 Att | 7,801 Yds | 45 TD

Receiving Leader: Derrick Mason 471 Rec | 5,777 Yds | 29 TD

Sack Leader: Terrell Suggs 132.5 Sk

Interception Leader: Ed Reed 61 Int

Scoring Leader: Matt Stover 1,464 Points

Winningest Coach: John Harbaugh 137-88

QB: Joe Flacco (2008-2018)

Record: 96-67 | 61.7 Cmp% | 38,245 Yds | 212 TD | 136 Int | 811 Rush Yds | 16 Rush TD | 2012 Super Bowl Champion

Joe Flacco is the greatest quarterback in Ravens history. Some may already give this spot to Lamar Jackson, but Jackson hasn't been with the team long enough yet. Yes, Lamar was the 2019 MVP and has two seasons of rushing for more than 1,000 yards, but he's only been with the team for four seasons. Flacco was the leader of the Ravens for 11 seasons, setting franchise records in passing yards and touchdowns. Flacco is underrated because he never made a Pro-Bowl or All-Pro Team. His best season was 2014 where he threw for 3,986 yards and 27 TD. At the end of the day Flacco was a winner. He led the Ravens to seven winning seasons and six playoff appearances. Flacco also led the Ravens to a Super Bowl championship in 2012, where he had one of the best postseasons ever throwing for 1,140 yards, 11 TDs and no interceptions in four games.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Trent Dilfer (2000) | Record: 7-1 | 59.3 Cmp% | 1,502 Yds | 12 TD | 11 Int | 2000 Super Bowl Champion

  2. Lamar Jackson (2018-Present) | Record: 37-12 | 64.1 Cmp% | 9,967 Yds | 84 TD | 31 Int | 3,673 Rush Yds | 21 Rush TD | Led League in TD 2019 (36) | Led League in Rush Y/A 2019, 2020 (6.9, 6.3) | 2x Pro-Bowl (19, 21) | 1x All-Pro (19) | 1x Bert Bell (19) | 2019 MVP

RB: Jamal Lewis (2000-2006)

4.3 Yds/A | 7,801 Yds | 45 TD | 130 Rec | 1,365 Rec Yds | 2 Rec TD | Led League in Yds 2003 (2,006) | Led League in Yds/G 2003 (129.1) | 1x Pro-Bowl (03) | 1x All-Pro (03) | 2003 Offensive Player of the Year | Hall of Fame All-2000s Team

Jamal Lewis is the clear number one running back in Ravens history. He holds the franchise records in rushing yards and touchdowns. He was one of the best running backs during the 2000s. He ran for over 1,000 yards in five of his six seasons in Baltimore including an absurd 2003 where he ran for 2,006 yards and was named Offensive Player of the Year. He was named to the Hall of Fame All-2000s Team and will most likely one day be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

RB: Ray Rice (2008-2013)

4.3 Yds/A | 6,180 Yds | 37 TD | 369 Rec | 3,034 Rec Yds | 6 Rec TD | Led League in YScm 2011 (2,068) | 3x Pro-Bowl (09, 11, 12)

The second running back on this All-Time Team is Ray Rice. He was a great runner and receiver in his six seasons with Baltimore. He was on his way to breaking the franchise record in yards if it wasn't for his off the field issues that led to his release. Rice ranks number two all-time in yards and touchdowns in Ravens history and also ranks fifth all time in receiving yards. He was a do it all back and a major reason for their team's success and Super Bowl run in 2012. His best season was 2011 where he ran for 1,364 yards and 12 touchdowns and caught 76 passes for 704 yards and led the league in yards from scrimmage.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Willis McGahee (2007-2010) | 4.2 Yds/A | 2,802 Yds | 31 TD | 96 Rec | 544 Rec Yds | 4 Rec TD | 1x Pro-Bowl (07)

  2. Le'Ron McClain (2007-2010) | 3.8 Yds/A | 1,185 Yds | 12 TD | 70 Rec | 453 Rec Yds | 2 Rec TD | 2x Pro-Bowl (08, 09) | 1x All-Pro (08)

  3. Vonta Leach (2011-2013) | 2.8 Yds/A | 90 Yds | 1 TD | 47 Rec | 259 Rec Yds | 1 Rec TD | 2x Pro-Bowl (11, 12) | 2x All-Pro (11, 12)

WR: Derrick Mason (2005-2010)

471 Rec | 5,777 Yds | 29 TD

Wide Receiver is one of the slimmest positions for the Ravens. Derrick Mason is the clear number one. He owns the franchise record in receiving yards with 5,777. He had four 1,000-yard seasons in six seasons in Baltimore. Luckily for Baltimore, the Titans have three other wide receivers taking their All-Time starting spots because Mason actually had a more prolific career with Tennessee. Mason was still the most productive receiver in Ravens history and one of the few receivers to spend more than three seasons in Baltimore.

WR: Torrey Smith (2011-2014)

213 Rec | 3,591 Yds | 30 TD

Torrey Smith was the easy pick for the number two receiver in franchise history. Smith spent four seasons in Baltimore where he had over 1,128 yards in 2013 and also had 11 touchdowns in 2014. He ranks number three all-time in franchise history in yards and number two all-time in touchdowns.

WR: Qadry Ismail (1999-2001)

191 Rec | 2,819 Yds | 18 TD

The third receiver spot for the Ravens was a tough choice. Mainly because there just isn't a lot of options. Ultimately, I went with Qadry Ismail. He only spent three seasons in Baltimore, but he had over 1,000 yards receiving in two of them and at least five touchdowns in all three seasons. Michael Jackson almost got the spot here due to his very good 1996 season, but I went with Ismail due to being more productive in all three seasons.

Honorable Mention

  1. Michael Jackson (1996-1998) | 183 Rec | 2,596 Yds | 18 TD | Led League in TD 1996 (14)

TE: Todd Heap (2001-2010)

467 Rec | 5,492 Yds | 41 TD | 2x Pro-Bowl (02, 03)

Todd Heap is the best tight end in Ravens history. Heap holds the franchise record in receiving touchdowns and ranks second in receptions and yards. He was voted to two Pro-Bowls and his best season statistically was 2005 where he had 75 receptions for 855 yards and seven touchdowns. Heap has an outside shot to make the Hall of Fame one day, although it is unlikely. Mark Andrews may take this spot from Heap if he continues at his current pace.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Mark Andrews (2018-Present) | 263 Rec | 3,466 Yds | 29 TD | 2x Pro-Bowl (19, 21) | 1x All-Pro (21)